Do you love a library? How about public radio?

I love my library – well of course it isn’t mine – it’s ours.  That’s the beauty of a library; by definition a collection of books to be used by multiple readers.  I also love radio, a medium simultaneously expansive and intimate.  This week I had the privilege of marrying those two passions.  I got to talk about how I love the Los Angeles Central Library on the radio.  Thanks to Sarah Harris for making that possible on her show Hear in the City on KPFK.  And that never would have happened if Sarah and I hadn’t run into each other (thankfully not literally)  while riding our bicycles in downtown Los Angelesa year or so ago.  What – you say – people actually bicycle in downtownLos Angeles?!  Yes – I say – this great global city is full of all kinds of unexpected delights…like the library.

Once again, here is the audio link

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