How I Spent My Summer Vacation – Blog Touring

You might think from the paucity of blog postings here that I am either:

1) one of those legions of novice blog writers who embark earnestly down the path to fulfilling their need for expression online only to fall exhausted by the wayside when they realize that blogging actually requires effort, or

2) one of those people who has some fantastic teaching gig that affords them a summer off to frolick in the south of France without fretting about unemployment

I will assure you I am not the latter (and I know from watching my sons’ teachers that theirs is no easy gig), and hopefully this post demonstrates I am not one of the former.

Actually, I have spent the summer blogging, but mostly on other peoples’ blogs.  I guess you could say I did a blog tour – though I did most of it while riding the bus home from the office!  So below, I offer a sort of virtual slide show of some of the stops along the way.

June 22  I joined dozens others on We Wanted to Be Writers, offering each other the voyeuristic pleasure of seeing what books we have piled by our beds.  My list includes a treatise on omelets and some family memoirs.

June 24 The Next Best Book blog graciously shined their spotlight on me and I talked about the story behind the story of Through These Veins, fact-based fiction, and the fantastic Italian man.

July 19  I confessed on We Wanted to Be Writers that I am a recovering journalist addicted to the Costco Connection and Saudi Aramco World magazines.

July 27  Rachelle Ayala asked some great questions and I waxed on about travel to obscure places, mothers’ milk in Ethiopia, cross cultural marriages, and I even answered the question ‘chicken or egg?’

July 31  I just sat back here and let J.D. Jung of Underrated Reads do the talking aboutEthiopia, AIDS, and character/plot balance.

August 1  Even though I don’t write paranormal novels, which Laurie loves, she posted an excerpt from my book, and invited my fictional Ethiopian character, Zahara, to comment on books,Hollywood stars, and winning the lottery.

August 12  Amy Manemann asked about my past and my future and I got a bit philosophical about writing, laundry versus manuscript, alternative careers, work ethic, and the bus as writing studio.

August 17  Here I hopped the pond to theUK, where Jeanz asked me about my next novel, reading reviews of my own book, and my favorite authors – including Dr. Seuss!

August 24  In advance of the West Hollywood Book Fair I talked with Kim Fay, author of the recently released novel, The Map of Lost Memories, about our love of foreign places, cultural hegemony, making friends with people whose countries theU.S. government invades, and a few other nearly unspeakable things.  This one is in audio, and we will be talking more at the West Hollywood Book Fair on September 30, 2012.

Phew!  Writing again for my own blog feels curiously similar to the sensation of waking in a new bed, after traveling for a good long while, and thinking for just a moment ‘this is a nice hotel…maybe I should stay a while,’ only to realize with relief that you are actually in your own bed and won’t have to pack your bags…at least for a spell.

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