A Beautiful Day for Sowing Seeds

The sun was shining in the most delicious, not-yet-searing, way yesterday. I had just cultivated my vegetable fantasies at the garden store, purchasing a dozen packets of seeds, and I was itching to get some in the ground. So I dug up a little soil in my garden – not too much, just the row where I had pulled out the spent spinach – and I planted radishes and soybeans.

And I enjoyed all the promise that comes with such an action, the idea that in a couple of months I would be pulling up little red orbs with white flesh, plucking pods of plump edamame. I demonstrated what Thoreau called ‘Faith in a Seed’. I can be confident that my radish seeds will yield radishes, not carrots, or tomatoes or long-haired rabbits. And I can be sure that once a seed grows, it will transform, it will not remain dormant, life suspended.

Similarly, I plant my first seed, my first post on this blog. So welcome to my word garden, I hope you will come back every so often and see how things are growing. And please let me know if you have any suggestions, maybe your tried and true fertilizer, or your own cultivation rituals, maybe your grandmother’s favorite tomato seeds, and especially your questions. I will look forward to your company here.